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I’m English and I don’t speak any other languages, can I still submit?

You’re welcome to make an application if you have a strong creative reason for why your project is best told in another language. If you also plan to direct the project, then you will need a very clear idea of how you could achieve this and why you are the best person to do so. Please do not send us pre-existing projects where you’ve simply changed the dialogue into another language without any thought for how this relates to the story.

I’m a second/third generation child of immigrants but I'm not fluent in my parents' first language. Can I submit an idea?

Yes you can. Anyone with a strong connection to another language through their family, relationships, job or other personal circumstances are encouraged to apply. 


Can I submit a documentary or an animation?

This initiative is for live-action feature films. Under some circumstances we might consider drama-doc hybrids or drama-animation hybrids but not straight documentaries or straight animation. 


Are there any restrictions on genre?

The projects must be live-action feature films, but we are open to considering any genre, time period, or blend of genres for a live-action feature film. 


Can my story be based on a true story or a book?

Yes, as long as those rights are available and you make this clear in your application. 


Can I submit a project in Scots/Welsh/Irish/Cornish/British Sign Language etc?

Yes you can. 


My characters are supposed to speak another language but at the moment the dialogue is written in English, is that ok? 

Yes that’s fine, as long as it’s clear that they’re supposed to be speaking another language and there is a good reason for this in your story. 


I have a story in another language but there are a few lines in English, should I change them?

No, a few lines is fine. As long as your final script dialogue is 51% or more in a language other than English then it’s eligible, but typically we would prefer a higher ratio than this. 


Some of my story takes place in another country, is that allowed? 

Yes. We are UK-based producers so we want to make a film that’s mainly set in the UK.  However it’s fine to have some scenes in another country or countries if that makes sense for your story. 


Who do I need in my team to apply?

This scheme is for writers, writer-directors, or teams of a writer and director. The maximum team size is three. Please make sure that the director in your team (if you have one) meets the eligibility requirements. 


I’m a writer, can I apply without a director?

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. 


I’m a director, can I apply without a project?


Can I submit more than one project?

Yes you can. The maximum is two projects, so no writer or director should be named on more than two applications.

I’m already working with a producer, can they produce my film? 

Ardimages UK and Shudder Films intend to produce or facilitate the production of the projects so we can’t guarantee this. All the rights to your project should be available at application stage but we can discuss the involvement of another producer at shortlist stage if this is something that’s important to you. 


My project already has interest from a sales agent or distributor, is that a problem?

Our sales partner Charades has first look on world sales for the selected project(s) so these rights must be available. Our UK distribution partner Curzon has first look on UK distribution so these rights must also be available. Any distribution interest from other territories would be welcomed. 


Can I bring additional money to the development budget?

Please let us know at shortlist stage if you think this is a possibility and we’ll look at it on a case-by-case basis. It will depend how much additional money there will be, what it would be used for, where it’s coming from and what that other financier wants in return. 


Is the development award only for scriptwriting? What about casting or creating a pitch doc?

The development award is primarily aimed at helping you to move from treatment stage to first draft, or from an existing draft to a production ready draft. In some circumstances we may be able to agree development spend on other items, but this would be on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the partners. 


Will I have to get my project translated to/from English?

Not at submission stage. If you reach the shortlist stage, then we will provide you with support for this if necessary.

 For any additional questions please email

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